New Product Launch – Introducing Z-Fold Machine Payslips

Introducing our latest Z-Fold Machine Payslip, we are very pleased to add this fantastic product to our range. Orders of 10,000+ can be printed with your company’s artwork, just send us an email with your artwork attached if you want bespoke. The non-bespoke plain stock are available for immediate dispatch straight off the shelf. These payslips are what we call ‘Dry-Seal’, they are smooth and dry to the touch but they do require a machine to seal them. Evrite also have Self-Seal Payslips where the heat of a laser printer activates the glue molecules allowing for a secure seal when folded immediately while there  still warm from the printer. Our 3rd type of Payslip is the Tape-Seal Payslip which is perfect for smaller runs. Just one piece of tape to remove from each payslip and seal when ready hot or cold. The information on Tape Payslips can be printed on Inkjet printer or Laser printers.


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