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The Evrite 707 Weekly Accounts Book is ideal for starting a new business or running a small business. You will find a video all about the Evrite 707 Accounts book here on our website. We have example figures for each section to help guide you through using this very easy to use complete accounts book, this book will cover your businesses accounts needs for a full year. The Evrite 707 Accounts Book provides you with a weekly Receipts section for all your takings and a payments section for your purchases, Bank account area to enter what you have at the end of each week, along with wages and taxes. If it’s part of your working week we’ve covered it. We’re giving you a Summary of invoices section. At the very back of your new Evrite 707 Accounts Book you will find a wages section so you can list who was paid what in a greater amount of detail.. At the end of your first financial year an accountant will need to see the following sections we have included for you, Creditors, Debtors, Stock sheets and the VAT Summary for each quarter. As you can see the Evrite 707 Accounts book is very comprehensive and easy to use.