Evrite Analysis Account Pads

Evrite Analysis Account Pads ( A4 ) – Now available in packs of 3 as well as boxes of 10 or 20 pads.

Evrite Analysis Account Pads are ideal for quickly scribbling down your calculations, they are the original spread sheet. Order a pack of Ref:26/8A – A4 8 column pads today with headings and 40 feints/rows running across the page or without heading and 53 feints/rows across the page. We have Query & Answer pads and Double Cash Column Pads. All A4 with dust covers for privacy and two hole punched to fit a standard binder, they are glued at the top for easy separation.

We have chosen an 80gms paper which is slightly thicker than standard analysis paper to provide a more durable sheet for your workings out.