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Payslips  – (Click here to download)
Evrite Software’s SAGE Compatible Payslips have a slightly different design in their layout so not to infringe SAGE’s design for their own payslips. The Sage program has a report generator you can use to move your payroll information about; we have used this report generator to move the print locations to fit our design of payslip. You can use our download here or move the data yourself using your own built in report generator. We have included instructions so you know where on your computer to copy the report.

Thank you for using our payslips


Important Software News


Coming up to the start of a new financial year (April 2015) Evrite Software Limited has now decided to discontinue our Software program, we thank all the people who have used our program over the years and we wish you all the best for the future.


Accounts Book to Computer made easy.

Please select an option below to either download the Full Installation or updated your current version of Evrite software: Evrite Software Full Installation is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, you will have access to the Demonstration Company data. The Demo company allows you to enter figures and print reports so you can see how easy our bookkeeping software is. When you decide that you like Evrite Software give us a call (03453 706 707) to place your order and we will send you an activation key so you can use it for your company accounts.

There is no time limit on the Full Install Demo Company data however the activation key will only work for one year, You will receive an alert a few weeks before it expires and every few day’s after that informing you that you will need to renew your licence
Please click below to download Evrite’s Accounts Software.

Full New Installation – (Click here to download Accounts Software)

Full New installation is intended for clients who are not already running Evrite’s Accounting software. Download the Installation file to your desktop and double click to install.  Customers with Evrite’s Accounts Software already installed wishing to make a ‘clean’ start will have to remove Evrite’s Accounting software using the Microsoft Windows ‘Add or Remove Programs’ utility you can find this in your ‘Control Panel’.
Evrite Software Limited do not provide help or support for this program other than the built in Help Manual, The FAQ Section of the Website and the Help Wizard provided with the program. A list of Year End Reports is available to view on the FAQ section of our website.  (This program is no-longer available).
Small fix for Windows Vista, 7 & 8 Users please click here.

Security Warning disclaimer
A message may appear when you download Evrite Software, saying “The publisher could not be verified, are you sure you want to run this software?”
Evrite have taken all reasonable steps to ensure Evrite Software contains no malicious software or viruses.

Evrite have not purchased a digital signature. It is in my opinion too expensive at the moment and would raise the cost of the Evrite annual licence. I do not discourage anyone from buying a digital signature, it is a personal choice not to get one and should not affect or influence anyone else in anyway.

Our software is fully tested and safe to use.

Upgrade to an Existing Installation – (Click here to download)
Clients already using Evrite’s Accounting Software Package can upgrade to the latest version of our bookkeeping software for free by downloading this file. Our upgrade will update all elements in the package while preserving your data. Please backup your data before upgrading. If the Evrite Accounts Software is not already installed on your computer the attempted upgrade will produce a Windows error message reporting a missing component. Download the Upgrade file to your desktop and double click to Upgrade.

Please make sure you have backed up your data prior to installing the upgrade.

Updated Help File – (Click here to download)
If you connect your computer to the internet in order to update the Evrite’s Accounts Software program or the Help section to the latest version. Please install the help file to the following location, assuming that you have completed a standard installation of the software.

Evrite recommend you install Antivirus Software and a Firewall for your computer, please keep your computer safe and protected at all times. Antivirus and firewall software changes from year to year. To know which is the best for you and your company. I recommend checking computer magazines who have tested Antivirus and firewall programs against live threats and reviewed as many of the top programs as possible.