Question 1: How much does the Evrite Software cost?

  Answer. The Evrite Software Program has been withdrawn from sale, previous price was £127.00 + VAT

Question 2: Where can I buy it?

  Answer. It would have been purchased directly from Evrite, however it’s been withdrawn from sale. You can download the Demo for free.

Question 3: Which Platform(s) does the Software work on?

  Answer. Evrite Software has been designed to run on Microsoft Windows XP, however it should also work with Windows 98- Evrite does not guarantee 100% performance on the 98 Platform.

Question 4: Will the Software be as easy to use as the 707 Traders Weekly Book?

  Answer. Evrite Software has been based on the 707 Traders Weekly Account book and is as close to this product as we can make it.

Question 5: I am not registered for VAT and work on a simple Cash accounting basis, can I still use the software without VAT?

  Answer. Yes Evrite Software will work without adding VAT

Question 6: Will Evrite Software workout my VAT for me and produce a VAT Tax Return?

  Answer. Yes Evrite Software will do this

Question 7: What happens to the programme if I loose power?

  Answer. Evrite Software will frequently ask you to save before it lets you move on, after you have finished using the programme it also backs up the saved data with a second copy, if you loose power you will loose any unsaved data.

Question 8: I haven’t agreed to backup my data will I have any data stored?

  Answer. Yes the backup is for a second set of data so you will still have the first – Evrite do recommend that you always agree to backup your data files after each time you use the programme

Question 9: Can the Evrite programme be placed on a server and accessed by multiple users from there desktop machines?

  Answer. No Evrite Software is not to be placed on a server and accessed by multiple desktop machines, this would breach our Licence Agreement.

Question 10: How much warning do I get to renew my Licence?

  Answer. You will receive a reminder to renew the programme 1 month before it expires – then each week till your final week where you will receive a reminder every day.

Question 11: My screen (Monitor) is broken will I loose Data?

  Answer. No – Not unless the damage to the Monitor caused a power surge that affected the Computer

Question 12: What warranty do Evrite provide for there software?

  Answer. Customers will have 90 days to return a faulty disk and a replacement disk will be sent out.

Question 13: Is Evrite Software compatible with other companies Software?

  Answer. There is some compatibility with Microsoft as the Software is written in Microsoft Foxpro!

Question 14: Does the programme produce a statement?

Answer. No

Question 15: Can I renew my disk if it has been damaged by something?

Answer.  Yes if you damage your disk you can call and claim another

Question 16: Can I view a History of Invoices as far back as I like?

Answer. You can view from the first Invoice you entered to the last invoice you entered.

Question 17: Will a power surge affect the Evrite Programme?

Answer. If the Evrite programme is running while the computer is affected by a power surge there is always a small change it might be affected, to reduce this unlikely scenario we recommend the use of power surge adapters.

Question 18: Does the Evrite programme work in my computers CD or DVD Drive?

Answer. It will work in both (either)

Question 19: I’ve spilt tea over my keyboard will it affect the programme?

Answer. not unless your computer had a power surge caused by this – then you might experience some data corruption, I recommend turning your computer off and replacing the keyboard – then switch back on and try the programme, If the programme is corrupted reload it back onto your computer and use the backup data to restore your files.

Question 20: Once I install the Evrite programme can I reinstall – for example If I buy a new Computer and want to run the Evrite Software on that one instead?

Answer. Yes you can reinstall however the program will still keep the same expiry date and you will need to transfer the Evrite Software folder from your Program Files Folder stored on your C:/ drive. This is so that you keep all your saved data.

Question 21: I spilled something on my disk will it still work?

Answer. Wipe the disk with a clean damp cloth – Only use clean water to wipe the disk, no cleaning solutions, dry the disk if damp then insert into CD disk drive.

Question 22: Do I need to keep the CD in the CD/DVD drive while I use the programme?

Answer. You can remove the Evrite Software Disk after you install the programme.

Question 23: Do I need to wipe the disk before I install it?

Answer. The disk should be in good condition when you open its box, dust free & ready to install.

If you keep the disk out of the box for a while then wipe it with a clean dry cotton cloth before you install.

Question 24: How big is the Programme (Hard Drive requirements)?


Question 25: Can I print Cheques off?

Answer. Evrite software does not yet have this function – we will consider printing cheques for a future version of the program.

Question 26: Can I see the programme on 2 screens at once?

Answer. Providing you have correctly set up your computer to do so then yes.

Question 27: Will the year date on the programme change from year to year?

Answer. You can choose the date you start from and if you don’t have an entry for a week or two, for example you were on holiday and did not trade that fortnight then you can skip forward two weeks and then make an entry.

Question 28: Can I run off a customer address list?

Answer. Yes you can

Question 29: If I turn my Computer off will I still receive updates?

Answer. When you turn your computer back on, the Software will start to look for updates and download any that are missing from your version of the program.

Question 30: My mouse does not work (I do not use a mouse on my work computer), can I use the keyboard instead?

Answer. Yes you can use the keyboard to move around Evrite Software.

Question 31: How future proof is the Evrite Software Program – ie: will it work on Windows VISTA?

Answer. The program has not been tested on Windows VISTA

Question 32: Will the software be expanded in to a larger program?

Answer. Evrite have plans to expand the software to a double entry system.

Question33: When entering a Purchase Invoices in General Purpose Accounts the figure I enter in the Net Value does not stay it keeps vanishing, what should I do?

Answer. Highlight the entire box by left clicking into a box and dragging across then enter your value.

Question 34: Where do I enter a Cashed Cheque on the Evrite Software Program?

Answer. Cashed Cheques are entered in the Expenses section of The Traders Weekly Account Book

Question 35: I can’t complete Company Set-up!

Answer. The Company name you give us needs to match the one you type in, if any of the information you give us in a mandatory field does not match then the program will not work.

Question 36: In the Traders Weekly Accounts Section – Under Receipts, the values in the Total section called Monthly Accounts Summary do not agree with the Total Receipts figure!

Answer. This is because the VAT value on the left is the amount you want to claim back from transactions taken on account this week, while the value on the right is for Accounts paid this week so they should be kept together in receipts yet unrelated.

Question 37: Can Evrite Software use different currencies?

Answer. Yes you can enter a different currency during the initial set-up of the program an run Evrite Software in for example Euro’s.

Question 38: Does the Evrite Software programme open in whatever week the computer thinks it is?

Answer. Yes if your computers clock located in the bottom right of your screen is not set to the correct date then this will affect the Evrite Software and result in printouts having the wrong date on them, also the Program will open the Traders Weekly Book section in the wrong week, If your computer is connected to the internet then the date should set itself.