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Evrite’s 707 Weekly Accounts Book is designed for shops and small businesses;

Evrite 707 Weekly Accounts Book

Our Account Book reference 707 was used as the model for our Accounts software; you can download the software from this website. Due to the continued popularity of the 707 Accounts book we have created a video guide to show new customers how to use it. Like other account books the 707 weekly accounts book cover Receipts/Sales & Purchases/Expenses for a year. Unlike other books Evrite have provided the 707 weekly Accounts book with Summary of Invoices pages these pages let you list your purchases for the quarter ready for totalling up. The 707 Weekly Accounts book also has Stock Taking sheets for your year end, Creditors & Debtors pages at end of year, VAT Summary pages for all 4 quarters and Wages pages.

Please make a comment about the 707 Weekly Accounts book and let us know what you like about it. If you wish to make a recommendation for the 707 Weekly Accounts Book then we would love to read that too.

Evrite Accounts book trivia

The 707 Weekly Accounts Book started out in the 1950′s as the 500NV (Non Vat) Accounts book. When the metric / decimal system was being implemented across the UK Evrite started to manufacture the 500SD VAT Edition (SD was an abbreviation of Single Decimal or Standard Decimal) over time this accounts book was updated and improved to become the 707 weekly accounts book we know today.

Evrite are best known for the 707 Weekly Accounts Book and the 701 Adcross Accounts Book, both account books are easy to use thanks to the example pages and a website video for the 707 Accounts Book. Many thousands of satisfied customers order Account Books from Evrite each year from every corner of the UK. The 701 Adcross Accounts Book is very similar to the 707 Weekly Accounts book in many ways. The 701 has a larger Payments section for you to analyse your Purchases.

We also produce a range of A4 Analysis pads 8 Column Pads with or without headings, Query & Answer Pads and Double Cash Pads. Due to the popularity of the (Ref: 26/8A) A4 8 Column pad with heading we offer packs of A3 16 Column paper (52 Sheets per pack) with headings and a writing shield in re-sealable bags.

Evrite’s off the shelf payslips are available in boxes of 1,000; you can order as little as one box at a time or tens of thousands depending on your needs, we have Tape-Seal Payslips for small print runs (These work well with Inkjet printers & Laser Printers), we also have Self-Seal (No Tape) for mid to large scale print runs (Ideal for Laser Printers). Our Dry-seal z-fold payslips (Requires a Sealing Machine) are also available for bespoke designs; we recommend orders of 10,000+ to reduce printing costs however you can order less.


Starting a Business

Starting a business

Bound Accounts Books for Business are safer and easier to use than loose sheets printed out. Analysis of your business accounts can easily be seen at a glance. Weekly accounts for business keeps you up to date and the easiest accounts book is the 707 weekly accounts book. As your business grows you can move across to our larger business accounts book the 701 Accounts Book which allows for greater analysis of payments.

Evrite Accounts Books for business have high mobility and never get a virus. Both our Accounts books have easy to follow example pages for each section, perfect for any small business.

Evrite 701 & 707 complete business accounts books, ideal for starting a business.

Evrite Account Books for Business are proven and reliable with a straight forward layout; just imagine making sense of your weekly account takings and purchases. Evrite Account Books for small Business and start-up businesses take care of the financial records in the easiest way possible, giving you the confidence and business knowhow to pursue sales and rest at the end of your day.

Business accounts made simple with easy to understand Accounts book example pages and accounts book information packed into one hard backed bound business Accounts Books.

How do you begin? How to start a business!

So you’ve decided to go in to business for yourself and you’ve thought of a product or service you can supply, what next? You need an accountant to help you organise an approach, any kind of loan you require will need a business plan. You need to know what your costs are and I don’t just mean purchasing. You will need to think about where you will work from and how much you need to pay yourself; you will also need to consider time. Many products have peak selling times such as December – January or July – August. Make sure you have purchased enough stock before your peak selling time so you don’t run out. This should be incorporated into your plan along with expected bills Gas/Electric, rent and rates.

Evrite Software – Accounts software program

The best start for your business would be to know who your customers are, wholesalers, retailers or general public. Try not to overextend your finances when starting your small business; it never hurts to have a small contingency fund to cope with emergences.

Always start your small business in a small way and try to build it up, never try to start a business in a big way and go bust by risking everything at the start. Starting a small business is exciting so you might be tempted to buy, buy, buy, just don’t forget to sell, sell, sell.


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